XOcomfort's Patent Pending Technology is Different

The solution to comfort is complex but cooling is key

XOcomfort™ Cooling foams function differently than most other “cooling” foams. Foams are inherently insulators which trap heat against the body. Our foam doesn’t rely on any exotic additives or short-lived gimmicks. Our foam gently transfers built up heat away from the body by increasing the thermal pathways in which the heat can move. This gentle cooling function happens slowly so it doesn’t necessarily feel cold to the touch but will feel cool for much longer than all of our competitors.

Many cooling or cold pillows use materials that feel cold to the touch initially but quickly lose their ability to remove additional heat because there is nowhere for the heat to go. The standard foam prevents the heat from moving deeper into the foam and away from the body. Our patent-pending XOcomfort technology is ideal for creating more comfortable support surfaces in bedding and automotive seating.

The Proof is in the Pudding!

XOcomfort Cooling Foam outperforms the competition


We have tested many of the top cooling pillows on the market to see how XOcomfort Cooling Technology stacks up. We test each pillow’s filling to determine how much heat moves through it over a 3 hour period. A pillow filling that moves more heat away over the test is considered to have higher cooling properties. This property is referred to as thermal conductivity. Some materials can have terrible thermal conductivity but still feel cool to the touch. This happens because the material that feels cool loses its ability to absorb heat and can no longer move it away from the body.

Other technology developed by our team

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