Carbon Series by XOcomfort

Unique features of XOcomfort Cooling Technology

The Perfect Temperature

Stay at the perfect temperature while you sleep with our patent-pending XOcomfort cooling technology that draws the heat away from you all night long.

Soothing, Sensitive and Supple

Incomparable comfort for years to come with our hand-selected premium materials. A small investment for your deep, restorative sleep.

Easily Adjustable by Design

Find the perfect loft no matter your desired shape, size, or sleep position. Designed for simple adjustment, your sleep can finally fit your uniqueness.

Better than "Cool to the Touch"

All night cooling. The premium fill used in our pillows draws the heat away all night long, unlike the brief cool touch and heat generating competition.

Peace of Mind

Sleep soundly knowing all materials are carefully selected to provide a safe and clean sleeping environment. We pride ourselves in being Certi-PUR certified and manufactured to the highest standards.

Made in the USA

We are proud to source and manufacture all of the materials used from the USA. We are passionate in supporting our local suppliers and workers.


Average Hours of Sleep a night


Satisfied customers each month


Hours of improved sleep


Reasons to try any other pillow

Better Sleep Starts with a Better Pillow

If you're spending 6-8 hours of daily life sleeping, nearly equal to 1/3 of your life, invest in your "sleep life" with a better night's sleep, every night.

Say What???

Our customers are passionate about their XOcomfort pillows...and their sleep!

The Best Sleep Of Your Life

Enjoy your sleep knowing that we offer a 100 night trial.

In the rare case that our XOcomfort Carbon Series doesn’t meet or beat your current sleeping results, return your pillow for a full refund. 

Be in the Know

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